Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sons & Neighbors

We got more action in the neighborhood today. Just down the street here on Brown, a young man on a motorcycle did not come out of an encounter with a truck. A sad time to bring neighbors together as we mourned the accident. We did not know the boy, but we knew people in the truck.

Have I told you that I love sharing with my neighbors? About 6 months ago I believe, the home on the SW corner of Gaylord and Glencove (facing east) was sold. Bob and Beth are a great older couple that commute to a home somewhere in the Apache Lake area (give or take a lake :). They are good friends now with the Gehrons just north and between us. Anyway, later after the accident Karlene Gehron said Bob & Beth had wanted to know what we were asking for our home. I guess they have some friends that are looking for a home in their area. Of course I told her. A possibly promising lead during a difficult time in the Beckstrand Family. Update: This family is waiting for the economy to calm down before purchasing. We are trying to be patient with the Lord in the mean time. We still think we have great neighbors.

The day closes with new things to pray about--a family that lost a son and neighbors.

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Martineau Family said...

I am so excited that you might have a lead for your home!!! That is wonderful news. Thanks for being patient with me as I slowly trudge along.