Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Loving the Village I'm Helping to Raise

In replying to a recent discussion on the AzLAF Valley yahoo group I came to a new understanding, found something to be grateful for anew and with great vigor. The feeling is still strong in my heart and on my mind, so I have pasted and edited some of my response here:

For me, community building is not just about moms getting to know each other, it's about families getting to know each other. I LOVE knowing that Gracie knows ME and wants to share things with me. So does Hannah and Rachel and Jordan. This type of relationship doesn't come naturally to me, but I still want it. HAPE Group and HAPE Share built the type of community that would help me build that type of relationship. They gave me some time, in a situation that moms and families chose together and felt would be inspiring, to connect with my children's peers, thereby helping my children to connect with their peers. Furthermore, my children learned to LOVE sharing with Miss Keelee, Miss Sharla, etc. (we chose the prefix to teach respect for their elders).

Thinking long range, the time our children spend with other mothers and the time we spend with other children could be critical as well as wonderful. Time with other mothers (and fathers) can build those relationships that will become mentoring ones later and perhaps in-law ones even later.

Leadership Education / Thomas Jefferson Education is a wonderful thing. The blessings just never seem to end. And some of those dear blessings are Gracie, Jordan, & Caleb, Hannah, Matthew, Adam & James, Carli, Jessica, C.J., Rachel, Robert, & Samuel to name only a few. What a wonderful thing to be raising the next generation who will then raise the following generation. Along with Rachel DeMille, I say:


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