Sunday, October 26, 2008

Once Again . . .

Keelee and Rob make me think. (Sometimes Rob is first in that list, but Keelee started it this time.) Keelee called me names yesterday. She called me intense and passionate. Visiting with Rob while delaying our time in bed this morning, he clarified it to be intense and passionate about communication and sharing how I feel.

Everyone, I assume, gets intense and passionate about different things. But clarifying me as intense and passionate about communicating--both listening and verbalizing--helps me see where my talents and possible weak points are. Leadership Education just helps me channel some of that energy, though it also introduces new challenges.

To those of you saying, "DUH!!!!!", I say a humble, "Thank you for being patient with me." Sometimes a new Season and a fresh look at things is always helpful, even if it was always apparent to others outside of my impassioned mind.

To Rob, Keelee and others who have met my intensity with their own I say, "Thank you for being my life lines! You have given my passion needed tempering."

I suppose the best I can do is be watchful of temptation, diligent at developing my talents, and prayerful to be a servant in God's hands. OK, back to work! --If I can. Writing is so rejuvenating for me. Ahhhh get me out of this blog!!!

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