Monday, August 9, 2010

Being a Producer

Last night I had a dream that Rob received a letter from one of the jobs he had applied for. It told him that he was not qualified for their job. Recently I had the opportunity to preview Oliver DeMille’s soon to be released book FreedomShift. I had already been on a journey to embrace Abundance in place of Scarcity, but this book gave me a new look at the need in our society for more Producers and for less dependence on Experts. Depression and panic have been increasingly frequent companions despite our best efforts to keep our hearts close to God. So the emotional heart of my dream was that Experts had deemed Rob (and I) unqualified to Produce anything good or needed in the world. Undoubtedly, the financial challenges that we have faced as a family have beat down confidence in our abilities to be Producers at the same time they have beat down our Consumer tendencies.
I’m a firm believer in moderation in all things, so I’m confident that there’s an ideal Mean between being only a Producer and only a Consumer. Somehow though, when your abilities to Produce dwindle, one feels left with only the ability to Consume, especially with prolonged outside assistance. So I never suspected a few weeks ago, when I started down the path of trying to add to our family’s income, that the concept of being a Producer would be so exciting! With care and unhurried consideration, we evaluated our options for work that I could do. So many choices were quite overwhelmingly depressing! When I made a little money by helping my sister clean one of her apartments, I decided to follow the 60/40 Principle. Following an Abundance world view, this principle provides for both ebb and flow of resources—savings, tithe, service, and personal needs. I no sooner had even made the plans to follow this principle than I was blessed with a vision for becoming a Producer. Advertising and work fell into place--blessed work and more advertising which was actually joyful (a true miracle, I HATE advertising) when it was in harmony with my heart.
So, I’ve started Patch Solutions sewing on patches for Scouts, other uniforms, etc. and I’ve been blessed with work. Not everyone has been happy during my time Producing, but it’s been a joy to work at home with my family. After finishing up one particular evening of work I felt overwhelmed in my heart the incredible joy of being a Producer. I felt joy as the shackles of Scarcity continued to drop away and I discovered more joy in remembering other times when I had also been a Producer in my marriage, childbearing, writing, and serving. I also realized that I could rejoice with other Producers and their success in a wide variety of arenas. I can take care of my own with confidence in the present and the future.
Surely, the balance will be an ongoing challenge, but for now I rejoice in
Being a Producer!

Oh, and if you get a chance, buy and read FreedomShift when it comes out. It's AMAZING, and I'm sure it will be available at either TJEd Online or The Center for Social Leadership.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

20 Years with Two Special Friends


TO ME!!!

As my graduating class begins preparations to reunite and celebrate 20 great years since graduation, I wanted to take a moment to honor two special friends.

Twenty years ago I was getting ready to leave home for the first time to attend college at BYU. Before I left I chose a matching pick and comb from the bathroom drawer full of miscellaneous hair combing utensils.

These two have moved with me through all of my adventures at BYU, to the dude ranch in Jackson Hole, on a mission to Argentina, and to the various homes, apartments, and vacations since being married and having children.

They have been true friends. Thank you for your service. I am sincerely grateful. May we enjoy many, many more years together.