Saturday, March 2, 2013

Minding the leaks

This fascinates me:

All boats leak

There's always a defect, always a slow drip, somewhere. Every plan, every organization, every venture has a glitch.
The question isn't, "is this perfect?" The question is, "will this get me there?"
Sometimes we make the mistake of ignoring the big leaks, the ones that threaten our journey.
More often, though, we're so busy fixing tiny leaks that we get distracted from the real goal, which is to go somewhere.

Go somewhere and/or love someone! And only fix the leaks that keep you (one way or another) from doing that!

(I told you.)

Sometimes ...

Deciding when to get my haircut is sometimes a drawn out affair. Sometimes it isn't.

Somtimes you'd rather not mess with bangs, and sometimes you're sick of not having any.

I got a haircut last week. My appointment cancelled on me for Tuesday night. I felt anxious to get it done, so I found someone else. Anxiety doesn’t mean we’re totally off our rocker. Sometimes, it just means we’re having a hard time following our own inspirations. 

And sometimes you get a really good cut too. =]

PS I'm done grading papers for Ashford University for at least a few weeks. I hope to post more on my blog now that I have a little more mental space.