Saturday, June 23, 2012

Teasing the Positive

Amplify the positive outliersThe most efficient way to get the behavior you're looking for is to find positive deviants and give them a platform, a microphone and public praise. Seth Godin

I really hate the ‘change your attitude, change your life’ thoughts and quotes and junk. Really hate them. For me it just smacks too much of just ignoring the bad stuff and forcing life to be good. 

Godin's thoughts somehow over come that for me. 

Because they also speak of the good coming from outside of one self, good that one doesn’t have to create, just good that one needs tease in to taking center stage. 

Because sometimes there’s really not a lot of good going on inside no matter how hard one tries.

And because sometimes persistent teasing is the only thing one is capable of doing reliably. 

Now if only I can stay on target with my amplifications and teasing . . .



Celeste B. said...

I agree that sometimes all the "think positive" stuff is total crap. There are legitimate times to feel down, in fact if we don't feel down because of certain events, then we are robots without feeling. I do not think Heavenly Father intends us to ignore those feelings. Rather, I believe He expects us to feel them and then work through them. We cannot know the good without knowing the bad. Having true happy times is recognizable because we experienced bad times. It makes the happy times so much more enjoyable.

Anonymous said...

So true, Celeste! Thanks for your thoughts.