Saturday, May 8, 2010

Protecting Our Future

Today I saw a sign on a bumper (it wasn’t a sticker) that read:
“I’m a Mexican, pull me over”.
And, frankly, I got mad. I’m still mad. Really mad. Mad that people would see laws and the basic systems we have in place from our founding to protect Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness as a reason . . . well, darn it, as a reason to have a tantrum because someone might take something away that they thought they could just have without asking.

Currently the great State of Arizona has been under fire for passing a law giving local police the power to enforce existing federal laws that have not been enforced by the agencies empowered to do so. Many are claiming that this puts certain portions of the population in danger of being mal treated by Arizona law enforcement.

My understanding of what John Adams called the Divine art of politics is limited. And I certainly don’t claim to have all the answers or even understand all the facts involved. What I do know is that NO race or group of the population is safe from the effects of ANYONE choosing to break the law. Furthermore, from where I sit, the debate concerning the new Arizona law isn’t about any particular race or nationality, it’s about protecting citizenship. Consequently, my response to the sign today is:
“I’m a legal citizen, steal my identity. Better yet, steal my daughter’s.”
Oh yeah, that’s already happened. Thanks. We’ll be busy running errands to the police and the social security offices to protect the future while others are busy protesting those state and nation’s laws doing their best to protect the future of ALL of its citizens.

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