Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Short Testimony

All of us feel the Spirit tugging on our minds and hearts, urging us to find those questions and urging us to act to find those answers that God wants us to have. This is how God helps us do those tasks and do that service for others so that we will be worthy to return to our Father's presence after this life.

Joseph felt a lack of unity within and among the denominations of his day. He studied and prepared himself to serve God, and God gave him what he needed to serve in the Kingdom. Through Joseph, God restored an order of doctrine, the priesthood and revelation through which we can be guided and feel His love. His service prepared the way so that we could fulfill our Life Missions and do our part to prepare the world for His 2nd coming.

(written as a Relief Society assignment)

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Chef Tess said...

Well, reading this makes me want to meet you even more! Joseph is a prophet! I'm so excited that we share that testimony. You won the contest on my blog today! Yipee!!