Monday, February 8, 2010

TOYB Journal

Trying to get back to blogging:
Dec 31 TOYB (The One Year Bible) Journal

OK, so I discovered this people who lived a long time ago and God loved them and He brought them out of bondage. And he helped them form into a great nation. They messed up a lot, but He kept sending prophets and He helped them build a temple and a great city. They got ran over by neighboring nations, but God kept helping. He kept talking to them and helping them find happiness. He warned them of dangers and guided them through tough times.

In the 2nd chapter He came to earth as a baby and lived for them. Then He died for them. He died for us too. He talks to us too and wants to help us be happy. He can warn us of dangers and guide us through tough times. God loves all of His children. He speaks to them according to their understanding. And when He speaks, His children share what He says with others. They write it down as their testimony of how wonderful God is, how He loves all of His children and wants to keep them from danger and to teach them how to be happy.

August 10, 2009

I don’t know everything about how God talks to His children. But after immersing myself this year in reading the Bible from cover to cover, letting the book stand on its own as a distinct entity, I think I know more. I know more about how God spoke to the people in the Old and New Testament and about how He speaks to those who rely on these testaments as their primary connection with God. I know more about the foundation of my own Faith. I know more about my God and the Son He sent to save us.

I’m very excited to continue my study of the Bible.
Next I’ll be reading: And:

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Nanette said...

LOVE IT!! How sweet to walk intimately through HISTORY (His story) and find wisdom, peace, hope, love,and SO much more again and again!! Verena, I honor you for, and appreciate your courage and conviction to invest in this priceless journey!!