Friday, April 13, 2012

"Worst Case Scenario . . ."

'Worst Case Scenario' is really a misnomer.

If we believe in the goodness of God, then we should consider any worst case scenario as really only another Great scenario.

The Greatness of a 'worst case scenario' is simply so different from that of a best case scenario, however, that . . . well, it's just too Great for our understanding until we've actually experienced it!

Great . . . ;)


P.S. Before anyone asks, I'm not experiencing, nor my family either, any unusual 'worst case scenarios'. This just sprang from my own naturally random thoughts.


Keelee said...

God's best for us is often wrapped up in our "worst" ... His ways are not our ways ... His ways are higher ... He makes all things work together for good ... my thoughts after reading your thoughts.

BTW excitement coursed through me as I considered your thoughts. Thanks for an early morning perspective adjustment!!

Anonymous said...

<> You're welcome!

Anonymous said...

The sweetest reward. (I guess <> is an html tag that doesn't show what's inside of it. ;)

Keelee said...

Just reread this post and shared it with Mitch. Powerful and profound. Still pondering. Enjoying the resulting excitement and wonder at how God works in our lives.