Thursday, February 2, 2012

Frang, Frung, Franged, Franging

For those who missed it on Facebook
As the proud owner of 5 drying racks (count them FIVE, NOT including the stair rail which could count as 3-4 more) and no mechanical laundry dryer, I'm coining three new words today:
frang- v. the fine art of hanging laundry up to dry
frund- n. any laundry hung up to dry
afrang- v. the fine art of adjusting frund so that the dry stuff gets put away and everything still wet can dry more efficiently.
conjugate like 'hang' (yes, I like the innuendo there . . . ;)
I frang, therefore I am. 
(Yes, I'm a little tired of frund! . . . Now back to my regularly scheduled Thursday.)

1 comment:

Celeste B. said...

At first I thought it was some kind of Chinese swearing...just kidding!

I would hate frund too!