Monday, March 14, 2011

the wagging tail at the end . . .

A dear friend of mine, Teresa Wesley, shared this at church a few weeks ago.
BTW, Teresa is from the South, so make sure you read this with the appropriate accent. ;]

If you know us, you know that the Wesleys love animals. We’ve had lots of them. Right now we have a little Chihuahua and a big, giant Great Dane named Mya. Mya loves everyone. She loves people and she loves animals and loves to lick. Her tail wags so much when she meets new people or animals the back of her body moves and when she sees you her tail wags and wags, but Mya is huge.

I was taking Mya for a walk and had her on a leash. Our neighbor’s little white fluffy dog came running out and Mya was wagging her tail. The little dog took one look at Mya and started screaming and screaming. Mya had never even touched the little dog. Our neighbor came running out and picked up the dog and apologized and the little dog was still screaming in the neighbor’s arms and Mya was wagging her tail.

The still small voice came to me and told me how often I’ve been like that screaming little dog. I just see the big, scary dog and don’t see the wagging tail at the end.

I love to think that the Lord, the great Master Teacher, is still teaching us with parables from every day life. It's fun to put a little perspective and humor into life's craziness too.

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Nanette said...

Great Parable Indeed!! How true it is that many times our circumstances seem Big and Scary when we forget that our Loving Heavenly Father is Bigger than them all and Loves us just as big!! Thanks for sharing!!