Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Occasions & Transitions

Our society has a lot of great celebrations to mark happy and momentous occasions and transitions. As one who generally balks at riotous living, I am grateful for meaningful opportunities to act in a crazy, joyful manner contrary to my nature. We also have rituals to assist in coping with heartbreaking events and death. Generally these occasions are less than riotous, though not all of them are depressing. In the case of funerals, I’m grateful for Truth that by and large bypasses the depression. Appropriately, some events in our lives have no community based rituals to assist affected individuals in their journey through many of the 'shadows of death'. The community wide affects of events, such as the death of a marriage through divorce, are most suitably confronted privately. These events offer meaningful opportunities for deep personal enlightenment.

Recent events of grave infidelity and betrayal by an individual within one of my Tribes, as Oliver DeMille calls them, have offered me and many of my associates an opportunity to seek after that personal enlightenment as a means for coping with the damage to our hearts and our community. Providentially, within this struggle I have found a greater propensity to love Mercy more. Almost of its own accord, my heart reaches out to this child of God who is still a model for me of so many great qualities. Because of this, I find myself reaching out to my Savior with renewed faith in and understanding of His Mercy that He offers me. Unexpectedly now, I have even more profound reasons for celebrating the occasion of His birth.

Merry Christmas!!

Ummm, don’t even think about asking about the identity of this individual. I simply won’t answer. And please don't post it if you know. This family has suffered enough.

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Julie said...

You have such a way with words. I love it!! :(