Friday, January 30, 2009

Sweet Clara Schumann

Since I have begun blogging, I had to check this book out again about Clara Schumann. Susanna Reich tells a beautiful story of Clara Schumann: Piano Virtuoso that I couldn't miss posting something about her in my blog. Her story really touched me and left me feeling drawn to her somehow.

I first learned of Clara from the library's copy of Beethoven's Wig, a wonderful compilation with amusing lyrics for classical music. My favorite song on the first CD is "Harmony".
Sweet Clara Schumann played the piano well
And when she played her music cast a magic spell
Her husband Robert wrote the melody
The Schumanns were a family joined in harmony
They'd sing and play
Together every day
Together they made music merrily
The Schumanns were a family joined in harmony

They had some children in their happy home
So they would never ever have to play alone
When mom and daddy played their happy song
The children tapped their tippy toes and sang along
They played their song
The kids all sang along
Together they made music merrily
The Schumanns were a family joined in harmony
OK so Clara was a concert pianist and composer and Robert a composer (in case anyone didn't know). Clara performed in her first concerts in the spring of 1830 (March 6-April 7, according to the book). She continues performing until 1891, 4 years before her death. Based on my admiration for her, I like to think that she was Heavenly Father's herald for the Restoration of His church again on the earth.Some favorite quotes from the book:
"Work is always the best diversion from pain." Clara

Reich tells us that Clara "immersed herself in her work and found in music the comfort she needed."

New Music Journal from 1865:
"There are many virtuosos who are not inferior to her in technique or general interpretation, but she distinguishes herself from all the rest through her high level of musicality, which gives her performances the stamp of a divine summons."

Yes, sweet Clara Schumann must have been


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