Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I wanted to say that Friday's park day was the MOST FUN park day ever, and so sweet because of all the less enjoyable ones my family has attended.

Right off the bat I got the long jump rope out and gave everyone who wanted to (including a 12 year old boy!!!) a chance to jump. We called them by name and kept cycling through all the kids as long as they wanted, pretty much. The other moms gathered round and got involved, and we took turns turning the rope. It lasted maybe 15 minutes (though I don't really know) and was very relaxed. Then the kids played really well on their own, though moms felt good about spending time with them too as needed. (check out: Loving the Village )

I LOVED it!! And, of course, I loved the visit with moms after wards. But knowing I had put my/the kids first made the visit even better.

--OK, so maybe it just seems like the best park day because it's the first one I have finally found FREEDOM from guilt. I get so excited to share with my friends that I just keep shoving the kids away. By starting and focusing on the kids for just a bit at the beginning then I do what I know I should do, and really do want to do, first. Then it's easy to do what I'm much more inclined to do.

. . . such a blessing to witness and be a part of a transformation, a transformation first and foremost of MYSELF.


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